Mini Dolly Teepee

  • ★BABOS HANGA mini teepee

    Our teepees are created manually, with exceptional care and attention to detail. That’s why each unit is unique, and you have a guarantee that you give your child a safe and high quality product.

    •teepee Materials: 100% organic cotton canvas, Wood
    •teepee Shape:4 wooden poles
    •teepee Size: 

    • Height :  75 cm
    • Floor area: approx. 60 x 60 cm

    •teepee pattern :pink with 2 pom poms
    •teepee suitable Ages: 2 years+
    •teepee Capacity: Suitable for 2 kids
    •Suitable Places: Indoor & Outdoor in dry weather

    • 1. Pine Wood poles x4
    • 2. Teepee x1

    • 3. Pom poms x2
    • 4. Tied Rope x1

    ★Teepee Tent Assemble & Wash Instructions
    • 1.Insert poles into poles sleeves
    • 2.Bringing poles together
    • 3.Gather tightly and tie a bow to secure poles at a point
    Machine Wash (gentle mode) or Hand Wash, Tumble Dry Low and ironing is advised!


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